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Graceful Linen Unstitched 3 Piece Orange Embroidered And Printed Suit

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3 Piece Fairy Tale Linen Unstitched Dress With Embroidered Front

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3 Piece Sandstone Linen Unstitched Embroidered Dress & Printed Trouser

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3 Piece Black Linen Unstitched Embroidered Suit With Printed Dupatta



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Digital Designed Emerald Embroidered Dress With Printed Wool Shawl

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Digital Designed Coral Embroidered Dress With Shawl And Plain Trouser

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Digital Printed And Rust Embroidered Unstitched Suit With Wool Shawl

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Digital Designed Fern Green Embroidered Linen Dress With Wool Shawl




Anyway, we would not call yourself fashion experts. We have been reading all the new...

by Waqas Malik on October 07, 2020

There are so many types of clothes in the world. Everyone has a unique sense...

by Waqas Malik on September 28, 2020

If there is anyone permanent thing, it is “change”. And change is that the one...

by Waqas Malik on September 28, 2020


According to a survey, numerous peoples are those who shop online. They shop online by category. The most popular categories are fashion, ladies dresses, etc. Many of them look at the most settled brands. Many brands are retail giants on the World Wide Web.

There are many benefits to purchase online. Many sites give many easy facilities. They give better prices for ladies dresses. And they provide a variety of items as compare to the shop. Another major benefit is you can shop without crowds and no pressure.

Many peoples face difficulty to compare the price of items. For these peoples online shopping provide ease in the price comparison. From this benefit, you can access to low price items. It is easy and helpful to shop ladies dresses from your home.

You can do your research about the item that you want to buy. You can check various product review sites. They give you a comparison of their features and. No salesman will waste your time with his sales pitch. And they can not add pressure to you. To buy the company's items or services.

You have to make a choice on your own at the time. A choice that is easy for you. There is no demand to go out. And from this, you can save your time. You can save your effort as well as to skip the crowds. You can search for low price ladies dresses as those that are on sale. From this, you can save tons of money.

Maybe there are some benefits of online shopping stores. But the web is a saturated market. And e-commerce sites face the challenges of tough competitors. As well as they face the advancement of technology. And the changing preferences of the clients with the time.

These days women are a bread earner for the family. More and more women start earning well when factories started hiring them. They were hiring them because they are more disciplined workers as compare to men. With this growing independence of the women. They started expressing themselves in society and use new ladies dresses. And fashion was no different.

Shopping for women's fashion clothes could be amazing fun. As well as this is one of the most helpful experience for the buyer. These days, you can find one dress for yourself from many of them. There is a large collection of ladies dresses and designs. That one gives you the perfect look that you want.

The trend was influenced by two factors. For free movement, women need a different type of garments. This is why because they can work at ease. The huge demand for clothes with changing lifestyle create the trend. These demands create new ways of making clothes lighter and faster. This trend even affects some leading designers of the era.

The style of this time representing the growing influence. Women's influence in society and their role has an impact on style. Till these days ladies dresses has a huge impact to attract men. But if you well dress up it makes a social statement of well-being.

Fashion designer achieves both of these goals. The trusty women's style of this time moves toward a more masculine wardrobe. This trend was not only the beginning of women's in the world. But it is a sign of pragmatic ladies dresses for the coming time.

In ladies dresses, fashion competition is an increase in the few last years. When the women stepped out of their home and merge into the outer society. Which is highly commercial and forces to less on dressing up to leave the house. Everyone wants to look great from others. No one wants anyone to say you do not look great.

On the other side, the commercial world demands fashion awareness. And this gives good results to the world. And many kinds of women's fashion clothes evolved in society. In the starting, they using ladies dresses just like their men counterparts. And after some time they include casual and sports clothing.

Women's fashion clothes for special events vary on a large scale. Most of such cloth is made of natural fiber. Designs are mostly suitable for ladies dresses. The selection of designs depends on women. And depends on the type of body of the women.

Fashion clothes that can be used for office are different. And clothes that are used for the dinner date is different from others. A big collection of different types of clothes are available. These are available in different types of styles, designs, and colors.

Some like ladies dresses which give an amazing look. And some find clothes that show the figure of the wearer to its best look. But many women choose their dress according to the events. But this is your decision which is best for you at this event.

Women's clothing is a different category. That is shelter various hope for the fashion industry. You can now search for impressive women's suits online. Explore the latest women's fashion trending online for designer clothes.

Xenon store has all the options for well-dressed and fashion lovers. Now select from an array of clothing online. And enjoys the huge variety of online ladies dresses. Xenon store gives online shopping in Pakistan with cash on delivery.

Here you can find women's fashion casual dresses for sale. We are helping our clients with party wear Pakistani clothes. You can select a party wear dress in high-quality fabric. And you can select casual dresses from the ladies dresses collection.

In Pakistan casual dresses are used as winter wear and for summer seasons. All these women's clothing is matching with the fashion trending. Designs for bridal dresses, party wear, shalwar kameez, and cotton dresses. These are inspired by our history, culture, and traditional values of the country.

We offer Pakistani clothes and ladies dresses from top domestic brands. All kinds of ladies dresses are available at our online store. You can order women's clothing from all major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta. And also you can order from other cities and villages of Pakistan.

Ladies Sportswear

Ladies sportswear does not include only clothes and shoes. These are spread in the world of accessories. Kit bags, watches, and a collection of other accessories included. In other such things are handbags and purses includes. With matching color schemes they can make great items. They can make great items for women that like fashion.

Women's sportswear can make the experience great. This gives a great feeling of relaxation and comfort. These things are designed mainly for physical activities. And with an active lifestyle as the key such sportswear can make the difference. This change can have a great impact on the life of a woman.

Online Clothes Shopping in Pakistan

Since the last few times, the online shopping trend has made its roots. Now, everything you may need is waiting for you just a click away. However, the way to shop for fashion online is quite opposite to shop for phones, etc. For fashion, reviews are not as important as finding something that reflects your taste. And also looks good on you.

In Pakistan, the Xenon store is the best online shopping store. That offers all kinds of Pakistani dresses and clothes online including ladies dresses. All kinds of ladies dress and lawn collections are available in our online store. All the products like lawn suits, women's dresses, and women's clothing online are here.

Types of Pakistani Suits

Shopping for ladies dresses is quite simple now. But one may get a little confused with so many options at hand. That is because there are many online stores. They offer similar items at competitive rates. The most popular types of Pakistani clothes including:

Linen Suits

Light and comfortable linen suits. That ensures you look smart in your causal outfit every day. Linen suits normally feature cool prints and fun designs. These type of suits makes you stand out in the crowd. The most popular linen suits include shrugs, t-shirts, and stylish winter Kurtis.

Get all the favorite design and real linen suits. Unstitched suits with a diversity of colors and also designs in 3 pieces. Also, they’re suitable to stitch. You will find the hottest linen suits for women.

Lawn Suits

The lawn is lightweight and able to be breath fabric with an even texture. That easily makes lawn suits the best choice for casual wear in hot summers. Lawn suits are available in different prints, colors, patterns, and designs. Those are perfect for hot summer days and nights.

Lawn suits are the best clothes for ladies' wardrobes. Now you can go online to shop with perfect quality. There is a wide range of market for summer clothes. There are a wide variety of available women fashion designers especially for summer dress up. This is because of that the long season of summer.

Chiffon Suits

Chiffon suits are a great way to portray elegance. Even you're at an amazing party or a formal dinner. They are most commonly used as evening wear. That is due to their pure brilliance and floating appearance.

Chiffon dresses are very famous among women. By reason of the amazing ability of the fabric. These ladies dresses show elegance in all kinds of weather.

Cotton Suits

Cotton suits are soft, natural, and breathable. Cotton suits are just as popular today as they were back many years ago. They are perfect for the summer, autumn, and spring season. And they provide maximum comfort to the wearer.

Give comfort to the wearer in warm weather conditions. Cotton suits are available in various colors, prints. That makes them a popular choice among women and children.

Tops & Kurtis

Tops and Kurtis not ever go out of style. This is the very familiar type of dress that are women wear. These days as they have openly replaced the classic shalwar kameez. Replace with something that looks more exciting and fresh.

A simple top or a Kurti can be styled in so many ways. You can pair it with different bottoms and create a different style. You can use different bottoms like palazzo, jeans, shalwar or even a skirt.

Pants & Tights

Pants and tights are mostly at the top of the shopping list. That is because these days every girl likes to wear the latest clothes. Both the items are so versatile instead of ladies dresses. So they can be wear in any season, paired with any outfit.

And they wear almost any kind of gathering. These clothes are available in so many colors. And often a bit fun vibrant prints. That is according to your everyday needs.

Choosing the Perfect Women's Fashion Accessories

You can make your look great no matter what your style of clothing. Every woman wants to look great with the right women's fashion accessories. There are many accessories that you can choose for themselves, like sunglasses or scarves. You can use fashion accessories combined to create a unique look. You will just have to find out what kind of look you want. And find out which accessories will make you the perfect in your eyes.


These classic items are an iconic mark of the beautiful woman. Every woman should have one of these fashion accessories in their wardrobe. There are several uses of a scarf. You can set a scarf over your neck.

And you can use a scarf to protect your hair on a windy or rainy day. And even you can use it to tie up your hair. You can save your time with the scarf. You can use it when you aren't up to the involved styling of your hair.

One more thing scarves are simple but beautiful to look at. They come in strips, paisleys, dots, and other more elaborate designs. In fact, the right scarf can make a graceful look.

Remember these scarves are like makeup colors. In fall, you must look for scarves that have color slightly dark in shade. In spring, you must pick a scarf with light colors like pinks and blues. This collection is to make up for the other types of looks.


In the winter you could need a set of sunglasses. And when outside is a sunny day you may need it. You will have to ensure that you should have a set of glasses. You must select high-class women's fashion accessories for any season. Sunglasses can be a surprising costly item. But they are very useful and can easily make a perfect look.

When you shop for a set of sunglasses that give you a nice look. You can confirm that you select some with UV protection and dark shades. You must choose like this so that you will be able to wear them on the brightest days. This choice will give you a comfortable feel with ladies dresses.

Hair Ties

Your hair deserves some wonderful women's fashion accessories. These are great for bad hair days. And those days when you do not want to worry about your hair. And those days when you like to show off a lovely new accessory in your hair.

What kind of hair accessory do you pick for your hair? All this depends on how you are feeling on any shopping day. A hair clamp is a fine way to take back medium to long hair and look stylish. The hair ties are fast and easy ways to bind the hairs. To take off the long hair out of your face. The clamp is famous for gripping down those rowdy curls.

There are lots of other types of women's fashion accessories. You can choose for your perfect look. Accessories are always shown off the woman. And it is a good way to spend a little of your money.
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